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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Cheer!

Okay, I admit, I've been a tad slack with my postings of late. I thought I'd just send out some good holiday vibes to you all, and at the same time share with you all a couple of festive pictures of my paw-pal, Henry. He lives in Devon with his person, Cath, who my mum knows from her previous lifetime in that place way across the ocean she sometimes talks about.

Henry is a handsome chap, and although we've never actually met, I've heard some things about him and know that he's a good sort. He must be to suffer the Christmas costume so willingly - boy, do I know what that's like!

Hope your Christmas stockings are filled with all the right kind of dog treats, and you get all the turkey leftovers you could wish for. Merry Woofmas!