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Sunday, November 07, 2010

The staples are gone!

Before I forget, I'm supposed to tell you that the results of my biopsy were good - just a fibrous cyst. All okay there, but it seems my body needs a lump in that place because I grew another one almost immediately. We couldn't tell if it was just the staples bunching up my head, but when I had them out last week, there it was, a brand new lump to replace the old one. Oh well. I seem to be a bit of a lumpy girl.

Mum says we're not going to worry about it, unless it starts bothering me, or gets bigger. To help my head heal, I've been getting some energy medicine treatments from Mum. See the special staircase I've got to help me up onto the treatment table? Actually, Dad was supposed to be getting a treatment here. I was just keeping the table warm for him.

Mum had a friend visiting this week, so we had to take her to one of our favorite places at the creek. She takes a lot of photos, so for once, there are some with me and Mum in them together.

Can you spot what is in this photo above?

These are my paw prints when I got out of the water.

Before I was allowed in the water, Mum called me over and gave me "the talk".

It's hard to listen when you just want to get to the water, but I did my best.

I had to promise I wasn't going to go near any stinky critters, and that I would come back as soon as Mum called me.

I managed to keep one of the promises. We didn't have to call Dad to come and take me home in his car.