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Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow! (but where are the dogs?!)

Yes, we've finally had a great snowfall here in our high desert home. Mum & Dad have been promising that it's coming for weeks now, but it really is here at last. I've been rolling around in the white stuff, and picking up on all those good scents. There are tracks everywhere. It's been making me crazy, running all over the place. The only part I don't like is those nasty ice balls that get in between my toes and make my paws hurt.

My friend Luna likes the snow too, so I've heard. Here she is on her first foray outside after the snowfall. She's looking a bit cautious, but she's one of the bravest cats I know.She doesn't get mad at me for wanting to sniff her, and she likes to try and catch my tail, when it won't stop wagging.

Here she is making a swipe at my butt.
In fact, I think one of these days she might just get right on back for a ride!