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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Latest Trend

I've been hearing about spa treatments recently. Jack had a post about it on his blog, so I wanted to give it a try myself. As I was already in the car and going on vacation, I thought I'd start with the mani-pedi-pawsy-pawsy.

It's quite a relaxing way to travel, but something doesn't seem quite right. Shouldn't there be something in the bowl?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Monsoon pressure

You see those stormy skies?

All those dark clouds starting to gather?

That's when I go to my "thunder hole".
I can feel the pressure building up even before the thunder starts and it makes me want to hide away somewhere dark and small.

One time when there was a thunder storm and Mum wasn't home, I tried to hide behind the toilet. That's the downside of monsoon weather.

And here's the upside. Look at how fluffy my coat is!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Vacation Photos

On the road. We stopped at a creek on the way so I could cool off.

Soon, we turned off to a very bumpety road and there were lots of things to see, so it was time to climb into the front onto Mum's lap.

This is where we camped. No one else was there, so I was allowed to run around as much as I wanted, without a leash or tie-out. The creek was lovely and cool, and there were lots of strange creatures scurrying around on the bottom that I tried to catch. Mum said they were crawdads. I wonder where the crawmums were? We didn't see any of those.

Way high up at the top of a mountain there was a huge field of grass. I love running through grass, especially when Dad is getting ready to catch me.

This is where we stayed for the rest of the time. It was much cooler than by the creek and there were critters everywhere. Some chipmunks were hiding between the rocks around our firepit and I had to keep a really close eye on them. We also saw elk and wild turkeys. They didn't look anything like what I eat for my dinner, but I guess Mum & Dad know what they're talking about. Sometimes I think the mountain air makes them say funny things.

I had to stay on the leash at this campsite because of the bears. We didn't see any, but I could smell they had been around. This is my tent. It has a lovely big bed inside where I can really stretch out. Mum and Dad insist on getting in there with me, so I have to spend a lot of time staking out the best parts because they try and push me to the side. I'm an expert at stretching out to 3 times my normal size and doing my lead jello act (as Dad calls it) when they try to move me.

The lake was just a short walk from my tent. I had to go down there a few times to check up on the ducks and herons.

Here's Dad playing stick with me.

I'm doing my special "coyote" pose here.

We had to say goodbye to the lake when I was just beginning to get to know everywhere. I looked so sad, Mum and Dad said they would bring me back "soon".

And now "soon" is almost here and I'm dreaming of the elk calling out in the forest at night and all the bird calls early in the morning. Ya boo sucks to Sedona. Someone keeps turning up the heat and I don't like it one bit!