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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cabins, creeks, lakes and forests

I love car rides! Last week Mum & Dad packed up the car and took me on a great adventure. 
At first, I thought we were going to the creek with the blue/green water, but when we got to the place where we should have turned, Dad kept driving. 

I kept trying to guess where we would stop, but it was dark by the time we got there. I sniffed all around but couldn't recognize anything. The place was made of wood. It smelled really good, and when they said we were "home", I was so excited I raced round and round. It was a bit smaller than at home, so I could only race around in small circles. 

When we got up the next morning, I was very happy to find out there was a creek running just a few steps from the back door. Mum and Dad let me stay out there watching the birds and taking in all the new smells.

There were creeks and lakes everyone around there. I had a fine time jumping in and out of the water, 

swimming, soaking,

running, wagging, rolling in the grass,


shaking myself off and slurping up that cool, fresh water.

I had a grand time!

Back at the cabin, all the usual house rules were off and I was allowed to sit at the table for dinner with everyone else. Well, I didn't actually eat my dinner up there, but I did manage to stay very close to make sure everyone ate up their salmon.

The next day we went to a lake, which was even better than the creeks. 

While Mum and Dad were taking a nap, I sorted out some ravens that were getting a bit close to our picnic. Then I jumped in the water again, to cool off. And when I got out, I ran around, and then ran some more. I was a bit tired on the drive back to the cabin.

I tried really hard to keep my eyes open, so as not to miss anything, but my head got so heavy, I just had to rest it for a while.

I think there was buffalo for dinner, but I'm not really sure...
my bed felt so good!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring in Sedona

This is my special creek where Mum and Dad have been taking me a lot this spring. It's only there sometimes, and now it's nearly gone again. As soon as we get out of the car, I race down there and over to the other side where the big galloping area is. Sometimes it's too deep for Mum and Dad to cross over, so I have to do all the running around on my own. It's better when they come too and throw me sticks. Best of all is when they play hide and seek chase. I race around looking behind every tree and bush for them. Suddenly, they jump out at me and I take off as fast as I can. We've played this game for as long as I can remember. It was the first game Mum played with me when she brought me home from the dog shelter and I still love it more than any other game we play. Well, maybe not tug-of-war, but almost.

My next favorite thing to do at the creek is digging a hole. Here's my 5 step method for the perfect hole:

1. Find a suitable sandy patch. It should be a little damp so it doesn't make too much dust and is nice and cool underneath.

2. Start the dirt flying. Alternate between the left and right paws so it's nice and even.

3. Pick up the pace and use both paws together. This creates depth - you don't want it to be too shallow.

4. Lie down and test it out for size and coolness. You should sniff it thoroughly to make sure.5. Get up, turn around several times, then lie down again in exactly the same position as before. Make sure the front paws are spread far apart for maximum chest contact with that nice cool earth. Smile.