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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ocean Spray

Have you ever been to the beach? I have - it’s great!

There’s nothing better than running on the sand and chasing those seagulls. You can explore for miles and it all smells totally different than home.

Sometimes you find really neat stuff to roll in like dead fish parts or seagull entrails. It doesn’t come off my fur for days, no matter what Mum or Dad do, so it’s a yummy souvenir of fun times.

The waves come in so fast. Every time I think I know how close I can go without getting wet the wave just zooms right in and sprays me.

And I don’t know if you know this: that water is definitely not for drinking. I did an experiment last time we went. I tried a sip where we started at the bottom of the wooden steps, then at another place a romp away and a third and a fourth place. It was all way too salty for my taste!

Seawater is off my diet and I don’t think you should drink it either.

But chasing those gulls – well, ya just gotta do that.

Plus there are lots of dogs at the beach. Some of them play ball with their people or run alongside them. Some are happy to chase me in and out of the water.

Next thing you know it’s like the whole beach shrank and the waves are coming right up to the rocks. That’s when Mum and Dad and I go back to the hotel.

We just got back from one of my favorite all-time beaches in California where we had a great funny-shaped room with a bunch of sides. I counted eight and then I was back where I started.

There were lots of towels just for me and a special dog bath outside that I could jump into so Mum could hose me off. Lots of sand to get out of my fur.

And the coolest thing. Our front door had a peephole near the bottom just for me! Can you beat that? They really know how to treat a dog at that place.

When we checked in the guy asked my people who will be staying with Ruby? He knew right away which one was me!

Lemme tell ya, the fish you can eat there is the best ever. All fresh and lovely. I think Mum and Dad ate it every meal so I always got a taste of course. They kept going on about how good it was. They were right.

After a hard day playing at the beach I was more than ready for a full night’s snooze. When we had to leave I slept in the car all the way home.

I can’t wait til we go back. Maybe I’ll see you there. I’ll be that pretty red dog racing back and forth, catchingcatchingcatching a gull finally. And I’ll have a big grin on my face.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Me & Beau

My friend Beau is staying with us. His people are away for awhile, so we’re a two dog house right now.
I’m the top dog of course. Let’s be clear about that.
Even though Beau is big, huge really, and barks really loud.
My Mum and Dad say I look like a toy dog next to him, but that’s no problem. I still don’t let him up on my couch on the porch.

Beau doesn’t exactly play, not like I do anyway, with chasing and tugging. But yesterday – wait, can you keep a secret?

Good, cause this is great! Yesterday we ran off together when we were on our trail hike and got into some really cool stuff.
When we came home limping and covered with cactus spines Mum was really put out, and she still doesn’t have any idea where we went or what we did.

See, there was this sniff trail where coyotes had gone, and we took off in pursuit. All of a sudden, I heard…

Gotta go, Mum’s coming! You didn’t read this…

Adventures? Us?

We're too busy napping!