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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fit for a Princess

Mum has a special little chair in her bedroom where all her stuffed animals sit. Note they are HER stuffed animals and I'm not allowed to play with them. How mean is that? There's Kaali the koala , who's been with Mum her whole life, Little Ted and Even Littler Ted, Puppy, Donkey, Lamby, Owly and Peter the possum puppet who came here all the way from Australia. And then there's Bradley the Rabbit from India, who takes pride of place right slap bang in the middle. Doesn't he look silly? That chair is way to big for him! And what are those other guys doing looking at him like he's the king or something.

Yesterday, when no one was around to pay any attention, look what happened...

Oops! Those poor toys all took a tumble...

so I thought I'd try that chair for size. Just perfect!
I always knew that chair should be mine. I am a princess, after all, and every princess deserves their own throne chair.