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Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Visit from Major Brushing and Colonel Groom

Mum says I look like a scruff bag and need to have a Major Brushing. Dad suggested we have Colonel Groom come along too. Have they been to visit at your house? Mum said we need to have them here because of all the foxtails and filaree seeds that have suddenly appeared. They keep getting stuck between my toes, and even though I try to pick them out, my fur just ends up a gooey mess from all the licking and I have to ask Mum to help. She said I look like a scruff bag and will need to have the fur trimmed back on my paws. I hope it will help. Those foxtails are nasty.

I thought you'd all like to know that Juanita is doing very well and is back to her old self after her scary adventure and losing her dad. Chasing rabbits is a whole lot of fun, so I think she's happy now. She's living with an animal doctor, so must be well taken care of.

I got a couple of awards a while ago, so I think it's time to post them (that's what Mum said, anyway).

Joanne Fox from A Zigzag Road in the UK gave me this Beautiful Blogger Award:

and the Sunshine Award came  from Wrigley:

I know there are all sorts of rules about these awards and what we're supposed to do with them, but we're not much for following rules and instructions in our family. I'm really happy that you gave them to me, though.

Now I'd better go and get ready for my important visitors.