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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Out of the doldrums

Things have suddenly gotten a whole lot more interesting around here. I managed to chase a deer and two coyotes yesterday when Mum took me out on the afternoon walk. She was none too pleased and spent a long time running after me and calling me back, but when the opportunity is there like that, I just can't pass it up. Those coyotes can get very cocky and I never know when one of them is going to sneak around behind me and take a nip, so I have to make myself look really big, puffing myself out and jumping around barking in my deepest voice. I gave those two a good run for their money.

I also heard that Monty is going to be paying us another visit next week, while his folks go away for a week. That will mean lots of romping in the house and trying to tear apart those new toys Dad brought home for me last week. I haven't done a very good job so far of pulling that white stuff out from inside them, but I know when Monty gets on the other end and we start pulling, we'll soon have those things in shreds.

We've been to the creek a few times recently, which perked me up no end. I found some smelly raccoon droppings to roll in (I SO love that smell!) and was particularly pleased with the way I got it spread around my neck - nice and even, and worked right into my collar. It lasts longer that way. I can never understand why, but Mum and Dad don't have the same appreciation for those kind of smells. As soon as we got home, Mum got out the bucket and soap and starting scrubbing away at me.

Tomorrow night we're off to a barbecue with Babushka's folks. I haven't seen her since before her trip to the kennels, so I'm looking forward to catching up.

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Curt Rogers said...

Ruby is so much more brave than Duncan. While Ruby is fighting off coyotes and tackling deer, Duncan manages rabbits, geese and that's about it. If Pip, one of our cats, scares him he backs right down. Ruby needs to offer lessons!