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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Swankiest Dog in Town

The house has been a bustle of activity of late, and I've taken every opportunity I could to sneak out of an open gate, slip under the gap in the fence and go visit some of our friendly neighbors. I have to enjoy my visits at lightening speed as everyone is getting to know me. Sometimes they get on the phone to my Mum before they've even offered me a treat. It's just not the way it used to be when we first moved to this neighborhood and I could be hanging out at someone's house for ages, luxuriating in all the attention, and trying the various brands of dog treats they had on offer, before they would even think of checking my collar for an identity tag. Ah well, at least it creates some excitement still, and I often get a car ride home.

Ram, the carpenter, has been doing some work at our place again. I usually don't like it when he starts up with all the sawing and banging, but today was different, because he was putting in a new door, just for me! I pretended I wasn't that interested for quite a while, but then, when no one was looking, I went into the living room and sniffed out the situation. I have to say, it's a mighty fine entrance way, and Ram put in some classy touches that make it look like one of the swankiest dog doors I've ever seen. It's very big, so I don't even have to crouch down to get through. I heard them saying it's so Monty will be able to use it too when he comes to stay.

Mum's also been busy, re-covering my couch that's on the front porch. Usually she just puts a clean sheet over it every so often, but now I have special covers that she made for the seat, with pictures of dogs on them. One of them looks just like me. The new color scheme does suit me very well, even if I say so myself. My couch is my very own and I don't have to share it with anyone. I'm allowed to stay on it all night now that the weather's cooler. It's the perfect spot for viewing approaching coyotes, and now I'm camouflaged by the new cushion covers, I'll really be able to take them by surprise. Have to go now, I think I can hear some coyotes already.

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