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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sedona Dog Park and Friends to Stay

The new dog park that I've been hearing so much about has finally opened and I got my first trip there last week. If you haven't been yet, get on over there. It's great! Nothing like the ones in Flagstaff where we sometimes go and I just can't wait to get out again. In fact, you can easily forget you're in a dog park at all. It's just like being in the forest. It's full of bushes and trees, on the side of a hill, with plenty of places to hide when you're playing tag with your friends. But the funny thing is, there weren't any other dogs there. We've been twice now, and have only seen 2 dogs. Maybe no one else knows about it. I'm looking forward to going back with my friend Monty when he comes to stay next time.

Speaking of friends - we had a big sleepover a couple of weeks ago. Monty was here for 10 days, still recovering from his knee surgery. I was told we weren't allowed to play like we used to, but sometimes we forgot and Monty started to run, which he's not supposed to do yet. Then Ginger came for a few days. She had only been here for an afternoon up to then, so she was a bit shy and missed her mum and dad a lot the first day. Her favorite place was at the side of my couch on the porch, where she could watch the road from. Here she is, being a bit shy - can you spot her?

Ginger - I think one of her parents is a fox

It was fun having her here too, but Monty seemed to like her a bit too much. In fact, he was making a complete fooI of himself, but I didn't want to be the one to say anything. He followed her everywhere, and got really excited any time she so much as raised her head. I was glad when her people came to pick her up. Never mind. Monty's coming again next week and I'll have him all to myself this time.

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Barbara Zigo said...

Working with the SPCA in NC I was thrilled to meet Ruby when I visited with Jhoti. What a great find when I went to the web site on my return home. Great work!