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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Me & Beau

My friend Beau is staying with us. His people are away for awhile, so we’re a two dog house right now.
I’m the top dog of course. Let’s be clear about that.
Even though Beau is big, huge really, and barks really loud.
My Mum and Dad say I look like a toy dog next to him, but that’s no problem. I still don’t let him up on my couch on the porch.

Beau doesn’t exactly play, not like I do anyway, with chasing and tugging. But yesterday – wait, can you keep a secret?

Good, cause this is great! Yesterday we ran off together when we were on our trail hike and got into some really cool stuff.
When we came home limping and covered with cactus spines Mum was really put out, and she still doesn’t have any idea where we went or what we did.

See, there was this sniff trail where coyotes had gone, and we took off in pursuit. All of a sudden, I heard…

Gotta go, Mum’s coming! You didn’t read this…

Adventures? Us?

We're too busy napping!

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