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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday Girl

We went to the creek for my birthday. But since we were last there, the water is all gone, so I had to be content with digging in the sand. I love digging, back and forth, round and round, kicking it all over Mum and Dad, digging and digging until I get to the nice, cool stuff underneath and I can finally flop down in my new pit.

I got a present for my birthday, too. Mum made me a new bed for in the car, because Beau's big claws tore several holes in my other one. I like my new bed. It's clean and cool and doesn't smell of other dogs. It's all mine, for right now.

I jumped right in the car when Mum showed it to me, and because it was my birthday, I was allowed to sit there all on my own in the back with the door up. I made up for it later on by opening the front door while Dad was busy unloading the car. I went to visit David and Hope, but they've fixed their gate and I couldn't get in the yard, so I ran down the hill and visited Tom. I heard him talking to my mum on the phone and then he took me for a walk on the leash, but we'd hardly gone anywhere when my mum showed up and took me home. I wonder how everyone seems to know my mum's phone number?


Curt Rogers said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday! I hope it was wonderful!

CJ said...

Happy Belated! My golden loves the digging too but I've never witnessed my lab digging. Love all the pictures.

Jyoti said...

Ruby's a big time digger, but we have to limit her these days because of some arthritis in her shoulder. Monty, the lab that sometimes stays with us, never seems to get what all the digging is about, even though he watches Ruby with great interest during her excavations.