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Monday, July 06, 2009

Monsoon pressure

You see those stormy skies?

All those dark clouds starting to gather?

That's when I go to my "thunder hole".
I can feel the pressure building up even before the thunder starts and it makes me want to hide away somewhere dark and small.

One time when there was a thunder storm and Mum wasn't home, I tried to hide behind the toilet. That's the downside of monsoon weather.

And here's the upside. Look at how fluffy my coat is!


CAM said...

AWWW...Ruby! We are sorry you are so scared. Our Tammy is just like you, but she just HAS TO get on Mom's lap during those scary times.
Hang in there Ruby dear.
Lotaluv Maxdog in South Africa

Miley said...

Hi Ruby, we haven't had a really bad storm here yet, but if we do I'm gonna have to get me a hiding place too!!! Hang in there, I'm sure it'll be over before you know it!!! Stay safe!!!


JackDaddy said...

Don't be scared! It's just the puppies playing in the sky!

Sierra Rose said...

Pretty skies...but, OH what's coming!!?!??!
Good you have your hiding spot.

Hugs, and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Sophie Lou said...

It's a good thing you have found a safe spot during stormy weather. After a hurricane/tornado combo here, I've started being a little skiddish too!



YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Woof Ruby, we are new to your blog. You are a very beautiful red dog!
We are sorry that you were scared. We know how it's like, especially June.
We love all your camping pictures! We went camping 2 weeks ago and it was really fun! If you have some time, please feel free to sniff out our blog. We share it with mom.

Samantha & June

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Scout here, I know just how youz feel when the booms start outside. I'm not all that happy with those comin' around our house. We were out for a walk this evening and found your place. Really cool!

Frodo dog said...

I don't like thunderstorms.. I'd like to hide as well and sometimes I feel the urge to bark at the *booms*..

PS. You're also very handsome, even being fluffy.

Windy and Davids Creations said...

OHHHHHHHH RUBY!!!!!!! Poor baby :(
What beautiful pictures Jyoti! The monsoons moving in sure feels nice though eh?

CJ/Rick said...

Beautiful photos but sorry you don't like the thunder. It can be a bit unsettling. Send the thunder and rain our way.