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Monday, November 02, 2009

Indian Summer

The hot weather's back and I couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong, I love snow, but when it's cold, Mum closes the doors and I can't keep watch from my outdoor lookout. After the sprinkle of snow we had a few days ago, we're back to lovely warm days and lots of lounging about in patches of sunshine.

Mum and Dad took me to the Sometimes Creek (Dry Creek) where there's lots of sand for me to gallop around in. I go a bit crazy digging holes there. They have to be just right - deep enough so I can feel the cool, damp sand on my belly and with just enough of a ridge for me to hang my front paws over.

This time of year is my Coming Home anniversary. It was 9 years ago that Mum brought me home from the Humane Society of Sedona to live with her. I worked really hard to let Mum know where I was and that she should come get me. It was touch and go for a week when another person took me home, but it "didn't work out" and they took me back. So then I pulled out all the stops and visited Mum in a very long and complex dream so she could get a really good look at me and know where I was. It worked, because the very next day she came and found me! I was so excited to see her. I couldn't stop jumping up at my kennel door. I still had another 24 hours before I was allowed to go home with her, but it was worth the wait. She went home and made me a very special bed - the first one I had ever had that I could call my own. I still have it today, even though I don't sleep on it any more.

So because of it being the anniversary and all, today we had to go back to the Humane Society to pick up my this year's legal tag. They specially make a new one for me every year. Always a different color and design. This year, because I'm 9, it's super special. It's a star and it's in my favorite color, purple. (Note from Mum: "Don't tell Ruby, but I think maybe all the dogs get the same design and color!)

It's like when you get the keys to the city and can go anywhere. I bet there aren't any other pups who get the purple star!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I wish I khould khome live in Sedona since my favourite kholour is purple too!

Khongrats on your RedDogMindMeld with your mom gotchaversary!

I understand THAT trikhk too!

Life is good!


Dory and the Mama said...

That is a beautiful tag Ruby!! Sedona has great taste in colors AND doggies!!

Happy almost "Gotcha" day!!! Sounds like you and your Mama were destim=ned to be together!!


JackDaddy said...

Nine is a very special number! I'm so glad you found your mom!!

You look very happy in your pictures. Your mom must love you very much!

(Evidently today's word is VERY!) :)

From the tall guy: Thank you for the hotel info. Since my guests have an early flight from Phoenix the next morning, we're decided to drive back down there and spend the night. BUT, we are going to take a jeep tour so they can see how beautiful Sedona is!

Frankie said...

We are down by Gilbert and it did get cold! I prefer a nice warm sun patch to sleep in! :) Frankie

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Aww, how nice! Happy Adoption Day! I bet your family wonders why someone gave you up not once, but twice. I'm glad you found your most awesome forever home!

PS You look like a young dog! You really are quite beautiful :)

Miley said...

Great tag, Ruby!!! Your very lucky, I love purple!!! Love the pics!!!

lotsa licks,

SEDONA said...

Hey Ruby, great tag! So funny to see my name on it, too!
What a beautiful story about how your human found you; thanks for sharing that.
Your pal,

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Being nine is special. Scout is nine this year and he gets a special tag but not as PURRty as yours☺

bbes tribe said...

Happy gotchaversary!!! What fun to dig in the sand and make your specially comfortable hole to lie in. We agree with Khyra... Life if Good!!!!!
Ernie & Sasha

Life With Dogs said...

I sure don't have a purple star or an Indian summer. Want to trade humans? ;)

Sally said...

Hello Ruby,
From now on you can participate our Project Wichteling. Just until the 25th of November.
We would be very glad and honoured if you would join us. For more information click on
to my Blog.

Nice woooh

Sam said...

I think dog tags are proof that dogs are loved! They are almost a badge that proclaims "Somebody belings to me and I belong to somebody".