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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Most Expensive Cactus in Sedona


This is a very expensive cactus spine. It cost $139. Mum says she's going to frame it. I think it cost so much because it's very old. It's been in my shoulder for ages, apparently. That's why my leg has been hurting and I couldn't jump in the car. Everyone said I had Are-Fright-Us. Today, it hurt a lot and made me limp so I had to pull out all my best communication skills to let Mum and Dad know about it. 

I couldn't reach my shoulder, so I licked my paw. They looked and looked, but couldn't find anything in my paw. I could have told them that. Finally, Mum decided they should do the arm pushy thing. It's a funny process, but I humor them because they don't seem to be able to hear a lot of what I tell them. Mum touches me somewhere and Dad pushes against her other arm to see how strong she is. When she's not strong, it means there's something up with the place where she's touching me. After lots of pushing and touching all over my leg, they found there was something up with my shoulder. That's when Mum found the cactus spine. But it had been there so long it was right inside and poking in the muscle.

That meant a trip to my vet, Dr Ford at Canyon Pet Hospital. He wanted to do something called Anna Sees Ya so he could have a look inside my shoulder and take out the hurty thing. Mum didn't want him doing that because it makes me sick, so he said if I was a good girl and could be very still, he could do a local. He and the nice girl with the treats took me to another room and told me "Check!", which means I have to lie very still while they look for cactus spines and burrs. I couldn't feel anything they were doing, but there was a lot of poking around and then he did some sewing, which seemed a bit strange, but he was a nice man so I didn't make a fuss.

Here's how my shoulder looks now after the sewing. I have too much fur for the sewing to look good, so the girl shaved a little square to show it off better. I think it shows up the stitching rather well, don't you? I only get to keep it for about 10 days, so I'll have to make sure I have all my friends over for a viewing. I thought you'd like to see it too, so here's a photo Mum took when we got home. It's a cruciate stitch, which is quite fancy. I would have preferred a purple thread, but there didn't seem to be a choice on offer.
And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some more serious matters to attend to, such as making sure Dad doesn't forget to give me some of his dinner.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I think that sounds like a bargain at any price!

Paws khrossed fur a nice healing - don't furget to work 'em fur extra pampering!

Happy Valentine's Day!


MurphyDog said...

your one lucky doggie to have such a super smart Momma & Daddy! So glad they were able to find the source of your ouchies. It sounds like you were very brave and deserve extra dinners tonight!

wags, wiggles & slobbers


OMD! Sedona, that's horrible! We can't beleive you had to go through that for sooo long?

There's just got to be an ESL class somewhere for us pups to take so we can tell our pawrents what's wrong.

Me and Star will google it and if we find one we'll let you know.

Meanwhile, take care of that shoulder and no licking the stitches, okay?...Ouch!

We luv you Sedona and have been miss'n you a whole bunch!

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Riley and Star...xoxoxoxoxox!

~Kim~ said...

Those cactus sure can be sneaky, can't they--Putting that spine in there without anyone but you knowing it's there! I'm so glad that it was found and removed! We'll send healing thoughts in your direction!! Take care!

Sam said...

Oh, Sedona, I am sure glad that it wasn't anything more serious and that your Mom and Dad pay very close attention to you. We wish you a very speedy recovery.

Happy Valentine's day!


Andrea said...

Yikes!! OUCH!!

Hope you guys have a wonderfully blessed day.
Hugs, andrea

KT and Lady said...

Hi, from one AZ Golden to another. Just discovered your site. We have friends in common. Lady picked up a huge jumping Cholla on her bum last month here in Phoenix. NOT FUN. We are so happy the mystery source of Ruby's discomfort was found. We love the airport vortex and visit whenever we can. Uncle Bob and Robin have a field to run in just across the creek from Red Rock state park. It has critters to chase and everything.

Best - KT and Lady

Sue said...

Your Mom and Dad are really sharp to catch that. I hope you feel a whole lot better now. Love to you from all the Porties, Morgan and Tsar.

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Oh ouch!! Poor baby, that must have really hurt! Glad you are all fixed up. Gotta say that price is amazing. Should we mention the $1100 popsicle stick that we paid for once? ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day from Augie and Ti!

Sierra Rose said...

So sorry Sedona. What a painful ordeal, and quite a sharp looking cactus spur. Please steer clear of anything sharp looking ok my friend?
Happy Valentine's Day!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Sending you many and many get better wishes.

Happy Valentine's Day. Wishing you a slice of all that this world has to offer, spread generously with a thick layer of l♥ve.

JackDaddy said...

Just wow! I'm amazed that they found it! The vet told me that sometimes the needles won't show up on the x-rays!

How did your mom and dad know about the pushing thing? Can they share that with the tall guy because it may be something he needs to know in the future!

Dory and the Mama said...

WOW...What a good girl you were Sedona!


Hi! I'm Sierra-Dog! said...

Oh dear! That looks like a MAJOR ouchy! Sorry to hear about that buddy! I think it is SO great that your momma knows the pushy thing. My peeps know about it, but really need to practice. I would be a lot easier if they would just listen, don't you think? We talk in so many different ways. Those silly peeps, someday maybe they will take the time to sit and learn to listen.
Until then, you take care and enjoy all the special treatment. You deserve it!
Hint: Puppy-dog eyes ALWAYS work, and it seems you've got some wonderful peeps of your own. =)

Many healing kisses and licks,


CJ/Rick said...

Mercy Those cactus can be prickly like people. So glad you got all fixed up. I know you must be feeling better.
Some beautiful pictures. Snow? Who'd a thunk it.

Sally said...

Hi Ruby
it's horrible.
I hope all is well again.

Nice woooh