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Monday, May 01, 2006

Hooray for dog pals!

The heat is starting to hit and my daytime activities have slowed down a lot these past few days. My hole under the pine tree in the back yard is having to be dug out on a daily basis, to make sure the nice cool earth is uncovered. When even there gets too warm, I stroll back into the house and seek out the coolest spot - usually the floor in the laundry room. Sometimes they forget to leave the door open, so I have to hang around near the laundry room door until someone notices and opens it for me. I'm not much of a dog for the heat - give me some snow any day! Or the creek...

Now that reminds me of what I wanted to tell you all about. I overheard some really good news today. My friend Monty is going to be coming to stay at the end of May, for a whole 10 days! I couldn't believe it when I overheard my mum talking to his mum about it. Last I had heard, Monty was having some knee problems and had been banned from visiting, mainly because we like to get into some full-on wrestling matches when we're together and his people thought it would be too dangerous. Well, I'm happy to say that they think he's made a good enough recovery to be able to partake in some lightweight roughhousing again. I'm sure mum and dad will be keeping a careful watch so that we don't over do it.

Best of all, when Monty comes to stay, we go to the creek ALL THE TIME! Yes, Monty is a dedicated water dog, so my people give him plenty of opportunities to swim. I'm not so keen on the wet stuff myself. He even likes baths, if you can believe that! Getting my ears wet is the worst, so I always make sure I keep my head above water. Old Monty will just go plunging right in, but I like to take my time and work myself up to it. If someone is throwing a stick or a ball, though, I usually can't contain myself, as my number one rule is never to let the other dog get the toy. When Monty's there, I have to start thinking up some sly tricks, because he really is a very good swimmer. I'll often wait until he has fetched the stick and is almost at the bank, then I'll launch my attack and grab the other end of it while he's swimming. It doesn't take long before he gets tired of me hanging on the other end and lets go.

Of course, if there are any birds around - ducks in particular - it goes without saying that there is very little that will keep me out of the water (maybe a firm hand on the collar, but sometimes I can even manage to slip out of that too). Those ducks are so frustrating. You should see the way they tease me, making that terrible quacking noise and swimming by mere feet from my nose. Once or twice I've almost reached one, then at the last minute they start flapping those wings of theirs, and before you know it, they're sailing several feet ABOVE the water, and laughing in my face to boot. It's just not fair! But I certainly don't intend giving up. I have a few cunning plans tucked up my paw for this season. I'll show them!

Here's a reminder of what a handsome boy our Monty is:

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