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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Walk on the Wild Side

(Photo: Lamb, A. & Johnson, L. (2004). Coyote Walking. Naturescapes Starters.)

It's almost full moon and the coyotes in our neighborhood have been particularly vocal the past few nights. It *really* bothers me when they come so close to our house. They mock me from the street and dare to run across our land right by the living room windows.

Last night, when Dad was taking me for my bedtime walk, I saw a really cocky fellow waiting for me at the bottom of the driveway and managed to slip my collar to take up the chase. I could smell him as soon as Dad opened the front door and it made me so mad! This coyote always has a good laugh at me when I'm on the leash, and taunts me something rotten. 

Well, last night I'd had enough. I chased him down the driveway, then back up the side of the hill and around behind the house. I really let rip with my barking, and we were almost on the other side of the hill near the wolf-dogs' house - they were howling like crazy - when out of nowhere I heard Mum's blood-curdling yell down on the street and a light a thousand times brighter than the moon shone right in my eyes. 

If you've never heard my mum yell, consider yourselves very fortunate. There was nothing for it but to admit defeat. She had a flashlight trained on me and there was no getting away, so I slunk down the side of the hill to the street and Dad snapped my collar and leash back on me.There was a lot of talk when we got home about how naughty I'd been, and how dangerous it was to go chasing after coyotes at night. And coming so soon after my escapade the other day when I tried to chase a snake swimming across the creek, I think Mum and Dad are going to be keeping a very close eye on me from now on.

The worst of it is, I've got to wear this stupid contraption now when I go for the nighttime walks.

I feel suck a dork! I'll never live it down if word gets out, and those coyotes are such gossip mongers. Grrrr!

On a much happier note, The Woof Gang has given me this lovely award for my services to the greater dog community, and for generally being the swankiest dog around. Okay, I may have embellished a bit there, but it is a pretty cool award, don't you think?


JackDaddy said...

Ah, you were very brave. I can hear the coyotes around my house too, but they are too scared to come to my house. Someone told us today that a coyote bit one of the little dogs at the local park.
If I ever see a coyote, I will bite him on the butt just to get even!

CJ/Rick said...

I'm glad you are okay. That contraption looks good on you and will keep you safe. No coyotes here thankfully, just cats teasing us from top of the fences as well as squirrels. Be Safe!

Charlie said...

Red dogs are very brave!