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Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

As many of you know, I'm an Arizona-gal, born and bred (Mum says she's not so sure about the bred part). For most of my life, I've lived with my mum in Sedona, but the first few months of my life were spent in various places, one of which was this fine establishment.

It's changed a bit since I was an inmate resident, in fact, I hardly recognized the place when Mum took me there last month to drop off a donation. I thought we were arriving at a 5-star resort, not the unappealing concrete cell block where I was incarcerated briefly vacationed.

There's lawn out front, where the dogs get to play, and they even have their very own private dog park, where each dog gets to go and run off leash. Still, as nice as it is, I'm very happy where I landed, and, as much as I would really like my own lawn, I can live without it.

I wouldn't want to give up my trips to the creek and car ride adventures. And being an only dog definitely has its advantages when it comes to handing out the treats. Yup, life is pretty darn good!


Curt Rogers said...

You are a lucky dog indeed.

Sometimes it's good to go for a walk down memory lane, if only to keep things in perspective. How glorious that your mum has been so generous to the place where you met. It sounds like kind-hearted people such a her have really helped make improvements to the place so that other dogs awaiting their families can have a better time of it than you did.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think it's great that you can look back to where you came from, so you know how far you've come! How kind of your Mom to give back to the place that brought you together!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

My mom thinks of meeting ME at my 'B&B' each Sunday when she passes The York County SPCA -

I know she'll always remember THAT day AND the day she khame bakhk fur me -

I think your pawrents do too!


Sam said...

You are a lucky pup indeed! Mom really likes the statue out front!


Ruby Red Dog said...

I don't know about kind and generous - that was my big bag of food Mum donated! I'm not allowed to eat chicken, 'cause of my allergies.

CJ/Rick said...

We love the smell of wet dog in our car on a hot summer day! You are lucky indeed to get to go to the creek. A dog's life ain't so bad.